Elizabeth Mokwena

Mphothe Elizabeth Mokwena

HomeCare Marketing Director - Unilever South Africa

With over 10 years’ experience in the FMCG industry Mphothe has headed the agenda on many billion-dollar brands in Africa, including Always, Pampers, Ariel, Domestos, and Sunlight across key markets like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the Ivory Coast.

The purpose-centric work she had led is most notably seen in the Always “sanitary dignity” campaign, Pampers “new mother education” campaign, and Domestos “safe sanitation” programme. These initiatives stand out as career highlights, impacting over 2 million people.

Mphothe is naturally curious, which is why she calls out strategy and marketing mix creation as her strengths. She is passionate about winning, but not at all costs. Currently, Mphothe is growing Sunlight, Omo, and Domestos into well-loved megabrands across Africa.