Enrico du Plessis

Enrico du Plessis

Owner and CEO, International Resource Management Network[IRM] | Non-Executive Director, MASA Board | Fellow Member, the Institute of Directors SA.

Enrico holds a B.Com [Honours] degree from the University of Johannesburg and is a certified Chartered Marketer [CMSA]. Early in his career he worked on several specialised projects with Sasol, the Reunert Group of companies as well as AP Dow Jones in South Africa, Europe and the USA.

In 1998 he established International Resource Management Network [IRM], a capital investment company where he continues to practice as an Independent Business Consultant.
He became heavily involved with NOSA Ltd, South Africa’s leading occupational health, safety and environmental training provider in April 1999 when he was appointed Executive Director of Marketing, following which he was appointed as Managing Director in November 1999 and instrumental in commercialising the organisation on an international basis.
During this time he also served on numerous Boards, including the NOSA Ltd Pension Fund, which he chaired throughout his time there. During the early 2000’s he worked with the KWV International Division as Executive Director and continued as consultant to the Group and Divisional CEO’s thereafter.

In his role as Non-Executive Director on the MASA Board Enrico was instrumental in the creation of the current Marketing Industry Professional Body [The Marketing Association of South Africa] in 2006.

As Project Leader for Professional Designations in the industry, he also currently chairs the MASA Professional Designation Board.