of the Year

The Marketer of the Year Award seeks to celebrate individuals who understand the art and science of marketing, have the business, brand, and category interest at heart, and leverage their skills to grow all three.

As a modern marketer, the successful candidate will be someone who can demonstrate their ability to intersect data, strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver positive business results.

Any client-side senior marketing executive, regarded as a consummate professional who meets the criteria eligible for the Award. This marketer could be defined as a CMO, CEO, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Chief Growth Officer – a marketer in charge of leading their organisation’s brand with insightful marketing strategy.

To qualify, nominees must:

  • At least eight years’ experience as a marketing lead.
  • Two years tenure in their current position at the time of entry.

Be able to demonstrate a proven track record across five key pillars, including: leadership, business and brand growth, modern marketing, internal culture, and economic empowerment and transformation.

The best South African marketers in 2023 must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the following areas over the past 24 months:


  1. Leadership
  • Influenced their organisations’ overall business strategy, providing thought leadership, operational leadership, and valued expertise.
  • Contributed to the positive development of their teams, stakeholders, and strategic partners to ensure better, more effective, and inclusive marketing acumen.
  • Highly regarded by peers in the industry and is a thought leader and expert, flying the flag for the marketing profession.
  1. Business & Brand Growth 
  • Consistently grown their brands and produced work that makes a difference to their business and/or the South African social and cultural landscape.
  • Positively contributed to their organisations’ triple bottom line through insightful, innovative, and creative marketing strategies that deliver to their organisations’ overall purpose.
  1. Modern Marketing  
  • Proven track record in developing and delivering innovative, integrated, and relevant marketing strategies based on sound analytics and analysis, which has resulted in the delivery of a better overall customer experience.
  • Thorough understanding of the digital environment, the role that their brands hold within it, and have successfully delivered their brand proposition through these channels with proven results.
  1. Internal Culture
  • Evolved their organisations to be more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and better able to respond to consumer needs and build happier, more engaged teams internally.
  • Continually strived to build a highly productive culture in their organisations.
  1. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
  • Actively driven the transformation (BBBEE) agenda in their organisations, amongst their strategic partners, and in light of the strategies, programmes, and campaigns they produce.

The 2023 Marketer of the Year will be adjudicated by a diverse panel of highly experienced industry experts. The selection of judges presiding over this premier category will be determined once all entries have been received, to make sure no conflicts of interest arise.