‘Marketing that means business’ is more than just an awards theme; it’s a maxim that HKLM as a strategic brand and communication design consultancy has subscribed to since its inception. The agency, which was responsible for the MAA rebrand, has long held that a brand without a strategy is just a logo. In much the same way, marketing for the sake of marketing in the absence of a clear-cut, business-driven strategy means nothing.

“Strategic marketing connects organisations to their customers, provides actionable insights, unlocks growth opportunities and builds equity on the balance sheet. It also allows brands to respond to audience needs in an agile way, consistently delivering against strategic business objectives,” says Dr Sean McCoy, founder and executive of HKLM and an MAA council member.

HKLM specialises in creating media-neutral, business-focused creative solutions for clients in emerging markets in Africa and across the globe. It offers clients a bespoke strategy process that moves seamlessly from research and insights gathering to tactics and actions. The agency believes ‘if it can be measured it matters’, and emphasises the measurability of its strategy through data analytics in its creative approach. HKLM is a proud patron of the Marketing Achievement Awards.

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