Serisha Pillay
Serisha Pillay
Divisional Manager, Vitality Global

Serisha Pillay is a Divisional Manager at Vitality Global and a former winner of the MAA’s Rising Star of the Year 2021. She is a passionate marketing expert and strategist with over eight years of experience effectively formulating and executing B2C and B2B brand strategies.

Since starting her career at Discovery in 2016, Serisha has spearheaded several campaigns and initiatives with brands like Apple, iStore, Disney and Nike, and executed high-impact product launches both locally and internationally while earning prestigious internal and external awards along the way.

In May 2021, Serisha embarked on a new marketing adventure – joining Sage, the global SaaS provider. Her role included developing and implementing integrated, strategically aligned B2B marketing solutions based on data-driven insights to drive awareness, engagement, and sales, while coaching and leading the teams that support her.

Over a year later, Serisha has come full circle to join Vitality Global – the largest behaviour-change platform in the world, created by Discovery. She leads Vitality Global’s digital strategy – living out her passion and purpose on a global scale.

When she’s not knees-deep in all things marketing, she loves painting, yoga, meditation and listening to her favourite podcast: On Purpose.

“The secret to marketing?  Blending art (innovation), science (data) and intention (purpose) together to create magical experiences that will leave a lasting legacy for your brand.”