Pieter Groenewald

Pieter Groenewald
CEO of Influencer Marketing Division at Nfinity,
CEO and Founder at theSALT

Pieter is a small-town boy who qualified as an accountant and started plying his trade in the media world over 20 years ago, at the time, with a media owner.  He soon realised the grass on the media sales side was much greener, made the jump and has not looked back since.

For the last 12 years, Pieter’s focus has been devoted to influencer marketing and assisting businesses to grow, via this exciting and fast-developing channel.

“Our business is the glue that connects brands with people of influence, in order for the brand message to be carried into communities in a very consumer-centric approach. I founded theSALT, the first to market nano influencer channel in SA, which is currently being rolled out internationally as a technology solution for this specific channel. At Nfinity we’ve also extended our offering within the influencer space, to become the leading SA Influencer Marketing Group, covering all aspects of influencer marketing ranging from strategy, nano, micro, macro and employee influencer verticals, with world-class technologies and the best in class teams.  Every day is an opportunity and we embrace it.”, says Pieter