Imke Dannhauser - Marketing Manager at Google

Imke Dannhauser
Product Marketing Manager at Google

Imke fell into marketing in her first year at university and never left. Well, that’s not true. She’s tried a few different things – sales, management consulting – along the way, but always finds her way back.

She started her career at the South African Breweries, first as a sales rep, and then in brand marketing, working on Miller Genuine Draft, Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch and Carling Black Label along the way, before joining McKinsey & Company as a marketing and sales-focused implementation consultant. As a consultant, she served clients on commercial topics in South Africa, Kenya, New Zealand, Israel, Norway and the UK across the retail, consumer goods, transport & logistics & finance industries. She is currently a Marketing Manager for Google, working on Brand and Reputation for Africa.

Her ultimate career goal is to become a lecturer in consumer behaviour (she believes “Doctor Dannhauser” sounds quite impressive. She’s also just renovated her house, so this is a future dream for quite a long time from now when that house is finally paid off!). In the meantime, she is busy with her 7th degree (BA Psychology), and holds BCOMs in Marketing and Financial Management, BAs in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and Development Studies and Honours degrees in Marketing and Media Studies.

“A universal human truth, a single-minded big idea and unrivalled execution are the ingredients of an outstanding marketing campaign.”