Dr Doug Mattheus
Independent Marketing and Leadership Consultant,
Doug M Consultancy

Dr Doug Mattheus is an independent marketing and leadership consultant and part-time member of the Business School Faculty with over 30 years’ experience in marketing, leadership, culture, strategy, and organisational performance.  He is an associate and facilitator for two of the world’s leading leadership and development companies and co-host of The DOC & The GURU Podcast.

His career started in 1989 at Firestone, and from then he worked at Radiospoor, and subsequently at Nashua, where he fulfilled the role of marketing director of Nashua Mobile for nine years. Thereafter, he was appointed Executive Head of Marketing at Cell C for six years. Doug has marketed some of South Africa’s biggest and best brands, including heading the fastest-growing brand in 2018 with a 48% year-on-year growth (Brand Finance, 2018). Notably, Doug has four degrees, including a BCom, BCom Hons, MBA from Wits Business School (with a thesis on Sport Sponsorship), and a DBA from the University of Phoenix, USA (with a dissertation on Organisational Culture).