Bogosi Motshegwa

Bogosi Motshegwa
Chief Creative Officer at Black River FC,
Thinkerneur Founder and Strategy Director

Bogosi Motshegwa is Chief Creative Officer at Black River FC, one of the industry’s high-level creative agencies. He is responsible for the creative product produced by the agency, ensuring efficient output.

He is also the founder and Chief Strategist at Thinkerneur, a strategy consultancy firm.  Bogosi is an established strategist with experience spanning multiple industries and categories, but not limited to automotive, financial services, FMCG, Foods, Retail, Alcohol, Health, Pharmaceutical, and Personal care.

Through Thinkerneur, he hosts broader (and much needed) industry-related conversations, giving its target base opportunities to learn from industry heavyweights.

His in-depth strategy experience, combined with his creative role at Black River FC, provide him with an interesting point of view on the industry.

Judging the awards for the third time, Bogosi hopes to see robust entries and encourages agencies and client submissions to show strong arguments accompanied by great storytelling and result reporting. He says that these awards are an excellent benchmark for work created, and he’ll be on the lookout for well-considered entries.