Belinda Wagner

Belinda Wagner
Facilitator | Lecturer | Strategic Marketing Consultant | Executive Coach | Director at Bella Alma | Founder: Living with Cancer & Women Diamonds Network | Director at Learning Edge | Doctoral Student

Belinda Wagner- an accomplished marketing aficionado with a versatile skill set. My roles as a Facilitator, Lecturer, Strategic Marketing Consultant, and Executive Coach at Wagner Consulting revolve around cultivating growth and success. As Director at Bella Alma, my focus shifts to the intriguing realm of cancer coaching and inspirational talks, guiding individuals through their unique journeys.

Leading “Living with Cancer” and “Women Diamonds Network,” I’m fervently dedicated to catalysing positive change through impactful NGOs.
My role as Director at Learning Edge further underscores my commitment to crafting immersive learning experiences.

Fuelling my knowledge quest, I’m pursuing a doctoral degree to amplify my contributions in the marketing arena.

“Marketing isn’t merely a strategy; it’s the propulsive energy driving businesses into the future, transforming vision into reality and forging connections with the customers of tomorrow.”