Brand Custodian


 of the Year

The Brand Custodian of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional individual who has excelled in managing, protecting, and growing their brand with strategic vision and impactful leadership.

New to the 2025 Marketing Achievement Awards, this prestigious accolade celebrates those who embody the essence of brand stewardship, ensuring their brand remains resilient, relevant, and revered in an ever-evolving market landscape

Any senior marketing executive on the client side, recognized as a consummate professional who meets the award criteria, is eligible for the Brand Custodian of the Year competition.

This individual could hold titles such as Brand Manager, Brand Director, Head of Brand, Senior Marketing Manager (Brand), Brand Communications Manager, or perhaps Brand Marketing Manager. Regardless of their specific title, they are responsible for overseeing and leading their brand’s marketing strategy with insightful direction.

To qualify, nominees must:

  • Have at least four years’ experience as a brand lead.
  • Have at least two years’ tenure in their current position at the time of entry.

Be able to demonstrate a track record across key pillars of Brand Custodianship.


The best South African Brand Custodians in the 2024/5 competition must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the following areas over the past 24 months:

  1. Strategic Vision and Planning
  • Have developed and communicated a clear, compelling brand vision aligned with the company’s mission and goals.
  • Adeptly navigated the market landscape, industry trends, and organizational challenges.
  • While integrating brand strategy with broader business objectives to ensure cohesive growth and direction.
  1. Consumer Understanding and Insight 
  • Leveraged deep consumer insights to inform and shape brand strategies and decisions.
  • Optimized the brand’s marketing mix based on consumer behaviour and preferences.
  • Implemented feedback loops and developed systems to continuously learn from and adapt to consumer needs and trends.
  1. Excellence in Execution and Evaluation  
  • Planned and execute branding initiatives effectively, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Driven the development of unique and groundbreaking marketing campaigns.
  • Developed robust methods for monitoring and evaluating brand performance.
  1. Integrity and Responsibility
  • Upheld brand values and promises consistently, even in challenging situations.
  • Lead initiatives and sustainable practices that enhance the brand’s reputation.
  • Committed to ethical marketing practices and transparency with consumers.
  1. Leadership and Measurable Impact
  • Inspired and motivated the marketing team and other stakeholders through strong leadership skills.
  • Achieved measurable improvements in brand awareness, market share, customer loyalty, and financial performance.
  • Most importantly, demonstrated the direct impact of branding initiatives on overall business results.

The 2025 Brand Custodian of the Year will be adjudicated by a diverse panel of highly experienced industry experts. The selection of judges presiding over this premier category will be determined once all entries have been received, to make sure no conflicts of interest arise.