The 2023 awards program offers a total of twelve award categories where you can submit your best work.

Furthermore, we highly encourage your organisation to participate in our leadership awards categories by:

1) Submitting an entry for the 2023 Marketing Organisation of the Year, or by

2) Nominating outstanding marketers for the Marketer of the Year and Rising Star of the Year categories.

Purpose-led Marketing

This category recognises the best purpose-led brand marketing strategy that demonstrates an impact on society and/or the environment, while simultaneously achieving business and/or brand objectives.  Your strategy should show how your brand/organisation shows cultural leadership in galvanising and effecting change in an important area to improve our society.

New Product or Brand Launch

This category recognises the best marketing for the launch of a new product, service or brand, or the re-launch of an old one.  Your strategy should indicate how the Product, Service, or Brand answers a clearly defined need or gap in the market and how it occupies a unique position therein.

Brand Positioning

This category recognises a brand that has distinctively positioned itself to solve an identified customer and/or consumer problem. Your strategy should show how your campaign built the brand purpose in a way that enabled a distinctive and powerful positioning.

Marketing Innovation

This category recognises an organisation that has pushed the boundaries and demonstrated outstanding marketing innovation. Your strategy should show evidence of the creative thinking applied to create a new method, idea, product or service.

Reputation Management (Corporate And Brand)

This category recognises the best all-round reputation management strategy. Your strategy should demonstrate integrated thinking, conveying an understanding of the brand’s or company’s role in society and the planning required to successfully achieve a high level of influence across a variety of stakeholders.

Brand Marketing B2B

This category recognises the best brand-to-business strategy.

Our judges are looking for an excellent fact based strategy that was realistically capable of accomplishing business objectives and that leveraged a diverse set of marketing touch-points within the B2B market.

Your strategy should show how your campaign was designed to influence key decision makers and build the brand purpose in a way that enabled distinctive and powerful positioning.

Integrated Marketing

This category recognises the best integrated marketing strategy.  Judges are looking for an excellent fact-based strategy that leveraged a diverse set of marketing touch-points and accomplished business objectives.

Your strategy should show evidence of a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs with an outline to ensure growth in your market.

Internal Marketing

This category recognises the best internal marketing strategy that demonstrates a unique and fresh way of communicating with internal stakeholders, e.g. employees, employers, shareholders etc..

Your strategy should show a successful integration of corporate values and how your campaign inspires and aligns the organisation towards its vision/mission.

Strategic Sponsorship Marketing

This category recognises great use of sponsorship to achieve a brand and/or business objective. Your strategy should show how chosen brand experiences enable the brand purpose to come to life in a meaningful way.

South African Resonance Marketing

This category recognises a brand that has managed to tap into a truly South African insight. The entrant does not have to be a South African brand, though it must resonate a uniquely South African point of view.

Your strategy should a) show the use of a truly South African insight used to design an impactful campaign and, b) show how the insight was applied effectively and seamlessly in line with the overall brand purpose, showing a deep understanding of South Africans.

Digital Brand Marketing

This category recognises the best digitally-led brand marketing strategy.

Our judges are seeking an excellent digitally-led campaign or execution that lives in the digital world.

Your strategy should show how you leveraged digital to accomplish your business objectives and show evidence of understanding of consumer needs with an outline to ensure growth in your market.

Resourceful Marketing - The Limited Budget, Unlimited Idea Award

This category recognises the commercial success of a marketing campaign in relation to a limited budget of less than R1 million. Your strategy should show the use of powerful ideas that create resonance and impact in spite of budgetary constraints.

2023 Leadership
Awards and Accolades

Marketing Organisation
of the Year

Celebrating organisations that have harnessed strategic marketing to deliver significant business growth.

Rising Star
of the Year

Recognising the best young marketer who has demonstrated the potential to become an outstanding industry leader, through impactful analytical and creative marketing efforts.

Marketer of the Year (nomination category)

Recognising the best marketer in the industry, who has delivered innovating marketing, impacted business results, and used their influence to drive our industry forward.


  1. The competition entries are open to any individual or organisation based anywhere in South Africa who contributed to a campaign or marketing communication as outlined in the category descriptions.
  2. All work submitted must have been commercially produced/published/launched/aired and must be live in the South African market
    18 months prior to the submission deadline.
  3. Entries must be submitted using the online entry template and will not be accepted by any other means.
  4. If consulting or supplying strategic services to said individual or organisation, client sign-off is assumed. If any issues arise concerning the client sign-off once the entry has been submitted, no refund will be given.
  5. If there was more than one company working on the project, you must agree in advance on who will submit the entry and must agree on how the credits will be completed.  If an entry is received from more than one company, only the first entry will be accepted.  No refunds will be given on duplicate entries, so please ensure you confer with your campaign partners prior to entering the awards.
  6. Please ensure that the information submitted is accurate and the correct companies are credited as appropriate. We accept no responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information.
  7. The organisers reserve the right to contact all parties involved in submission.
  8. The MAA may use the content of your entry submission for editorial coverage, and business, or marketing purposes as an example of best practice. We will never publish anything marked as ‘Confidential Information’ as we fully respect your commercial confidence.  Further to this, we will not publish any winning case study without prior consultation with you and your partners to present the confidential figures and metrics in a suitable manner.
  9. You are responsible for obtaining any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the use and exhibition of the entered work for all purposes relating to the awards and the publishing of the winning case study by the promoters.  The organisers reserve the right to at any time request proof of such permissions and your entry may be disqualified if such proof cannot be made available.
  10. Supporting material must be supplied in digital format only – no physical supporting material is required.
  11. Please ensure that uploaded logos, videos, and any supporting files follow the supporting material guidelines. Please note when uploading supporting material file names must not include any ‘special’ characters e.g. / & * ( ) “.
  12. Where websites and links form part of an entry, please ensure any URLs supplied work, and that they will continue to work until
    December 2023. Sites and links that cannot be viewed will be eliminated from the judging.
  13. The judges reserve the right to re-categorise entries if they think another category would be more suitable.
  14. Entries may be edited up until the point of ‘submission’.
  15. Once submitted, entries are confirmed and non-refundable.
  16. Any entry may be withdrawn for any reason up until midnight on the day of the submission deadline upon written request to the organisers; however, the entry fee is non-refundable.
  17. All judges are allocated entries in a manner that ensures that no conflicts of interest arise.  Further to this, each judge is bound by an NDA prior to viewing any entries.
  18. Sponsors are not permitted to enter the category that they are sponsoring.
  19. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding it.