Marketing Achievement Awards, in association with Kantar and MASA, invites you to join us for our third annual digital thought leadership series for marketers.

Modern Marketing Dilemmas Webinar

In the first session on Thursday 20 July from 10am – 11am, our Kantar experts, Mary Kyriakidi and Adhil Patel provide evidence-based solutions to the day-to-day challenges marketers face to help them protect their margins.

They will share actionable tips to help you strengthen your brand’s intangible perceptions in the mind of consumers, which is what ultimately gets your brand chosen, and brings tangible value to your shareholders.

Join us to find out more about where performance marketing meets brand building; the role brand plays in the consumer decision journey; if brand differentiation is an effective way to reduce customer price sensitivity; how your brand should react when prices go up; how to prove marketing adds value to your brand; how marketers can stand up to recession; and if it’s still ok to talk about brand loyalty.

CPD points will be awarded. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5 CPD POINTS will be allocated at CMSA Level Designated Members,
AMSA & MPSA Designated Members can also attend and claim these CPD points.

Category: Marketing

CPD Approval Number: MA KA 23001

Please Note: Certificate of completion will be provided on the live webinar and is to be loaded onto MarkEdonline to claim CPD points.